1989 Honda GB500 Cafe Racer

I debated about posting this 1989 Honda GB500. It is absolutely a cafe racer, but it isn’t one of the classic bikes or home-brewed specials that usually get posted. It appears to be completely stock and in great condition, but it does have about 42K miles on it.

The seller of the bike is some kind of classic car guy who probably has the bike on consignment from the owner. The listing has lots of pictures, some description, and so much legalese that it makes the seller look like a hard ass. So if you decide to bid, read the fine print very carefully. The auction has about 1 day left with 15 bidders and a current price of $4,350 (reserve not yet). It does have a Buy-It-Now of $5,995, which seems a bit high given the mileage on the bike. It’s a nice bike and amazingly clean given the relatively high number of miles.

honda gb500 cafe racer 03
honda gb500 cafe racer 01
honda gb500 cafe racer 04
honda gb500 cafe racer 02
honda gb500 cafe racer 05

7 comments so far

  1. BlueRain on

    I’m glad you posted this one…I really like it.

    Braided cables are cool too.


  2. patrick on

    I am interested in buying this Honda , where is it located

    • caferacers on

      It’s probably already sold, but if I see it reappear on eBay, I’ll repost it…

  3. Chip on

    It sold to its consignor. We had a winning eBay bidder back out – but by that time I was just as happy that happened. Now with another thousand miles and a chain lube under its belt, it likely won’t leave here anytime soon…

    ‘hard-ass car guy’

  4. Ryan on

    I love these bikes, they are really things of beauty but I don’t know if I would classify it as a cafe racer. Being a totally stock bike the bars are a still a bit high to be a cafe racer though a quick tuck under the triple crown clears that up pretty well.

    There are a ton of these for sale in Japan. Sorry correction the 400cc version of these that was never imported into America are widely available in Japan and they can be very cheap. I purchased mine with 4000km on it, shipped it to Thailand, and gave it rebuild and custom paint and exhaust for less than $1500.

    Beautiful bikes and I can personally attest to how nice they are to ride. The only problem is it is that everything is so nice that it becomes hard to customize. (before you gasp at the thought of changing a rare bike remember they are not that rare here).

  5. Pamela on

    I have one for sale… check out Craigslist/Charlotte, NC (location Monroe, NC) 🙂 Very cool bike! I raced one like it before buying this one as a street bike. Awesome ride, great sound! It continues to appreciate in value, nice investment, too!

  6. G on

    Gotta love stock….

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