1978 Honda CB550 (Stock and Conversion Ready)

Sometimes, stuff happens. For the next 15 minutes I am going to put aside “stuff” and tell you about this bike I found on eBay. It is a conversion-to-cafe ready CB550 that appears to be a perfect candidate. It has relatively low miles, nothing ostentatiously wrong about it, and only has 6 hours to go until the auction ends with zero bids.

“Why zero bids?” you might be asking. Well, the starting price is a mite bit high at $1,499 for a start. However, if you have seen some the CB550 cafe racers that I’ve posted, you know that this is such a great starting point for a conversion. And the bike is all there, it just needs a tune up and a carb clean-up. If I hadn’t just picked up an SL350 this week as the basis for a cafe racer, I might be all over this bike.

One thing to note: the seller does have 3 negative feedback in the last month from buyers of smaller items, but if you read them, they probably won’t stop you if you are interested in this bike. The other positive feedback seem to indicate a seller who isn’t out to screw with anybody…


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