1971 Honda CL350 Cafe Racer

This is a really nice little cafe racer. I say little with respect, as I will soon be starting on an SL350 cafe project, so I gotta give the small-bores their props. Additionally, this bike has been done up very cleanly and has a unique paint scheme to boot.

One of the things I like the most about this bike is the fact that no aspect of the chosen aesthetic (cafe racer) has been left out. Yes, it has a stock tank, but it has been painted suitably. It’s got a nice seat, clip-ons, and rear-sets even! And the paint job with the cream-colored frame is unique. I can’t recall having seen this before. Are there too many stickers on the tank? That’s for each of us to decide according to personal preference. But overall, a great build-up!

As I write this, it is only selling for $1,020, but reserve hasn’t been met and there are 4 days left in the auction. I am sure that this bike will end the auction well above…, hmmm, $2,500. But it’s impossible to know where the seller has set reserve. Your guess is as good as mine…


4 comments so far

  1. Paul Nielsen on

    Nice little bike…being a true afficianado of Honda 350’s I appreciate the work. I like the frame colorization..reminds me of late 60’s BSA 650’s, though BSA was a grey..nonetheless..nice job.

  2. Floyd on

    Great Bike. Wish I could get in contact with the builder.

  3. Jackson on

    This is awesome, it is the second time today I’ve come across my old bike. Great! I was looking to see what other people are doing to their cb/cl350’s and it was very cool to see my bike on the web and especially exciting to see that people like it. The guy I sold it to in NC has taken a very cool photo of the bike at bikeexif.ps no stickers

  4. Joshua Hoffman on

    That makes two of us. If anyone knows who the builder was please let me know, I’m the current owner and I’d love to get in touch.

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