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1981 Honda CB750 DOHC Cafe Racer

I believe this is the latest model CB750 I’ve posted that’s been converted into a cafe racer. What’s interesting and nice about this bike is the addition of 2003 GSXR forks. I believe they came off a 600 since they aren’t male slider (USD) forks. Overall, a fairly unique build if just because of that. It also has a nice alternative speedo on it with the Vapor computer.

This bike is one of the more reasonable examples of the CB750 that has appeared on eBay. The Buy-It-Now is about $2,500, while the auction price is currently at $1,625 with 3 days left. Interesting bike…


1975 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

Here’s a nicely cafe’d CB750 that has been kept fairly simple. The seller claims it’s a regular rider, and is honest about the problems (several issues until the motor warms up). With no muffler, I’d recommend earplugs as a regular accessory to any ride, though.

I’m not sure about the retro-look rear tire, though. But since tires are a consumable, it’ll be gone soon if you ride this bike a lot. It looks like a 16″ rear wheel, so it will always have a higher profile tire stuck on there unless you replace the rim with an 18″ hoop. But overall, a nice bike that is currently going for a reasonable $1K with 6 days left in the auction…