Honda CB750 Project

Look, I’m not saying that this is a perfect bike from a cafe perspective. Not hardly. All I am saying is that this might be a cost-effective starting point for a cafe project. Throw a seat on there. Maybe some clubmans (or clip-ons if you’re really trying to get on my good side). Mount a pair of rear-sets. Call it day. And you have yourself a pretty nice cafe racer. Some basic motor mods have already been done, so you shouldn’t be smoked by that stock-looking CB750 sitting next to you at the corner of 1st and Main.

Price is reasonable with only about 1.5 days left. This would make a nice cafe with only a little work…

(Oh yeah, I forgot in my original post. I really, really like the brass knuckle decals!!! πŸ˜‰ (And it needs shocks. My bad.) )


10 comments so far

  1. themotoworld on

    Uh…besides the seat and the bars, how about a set of rear shocks instead of the struts??? A new rear gear might be in order as well. If it’s cheap enough make it a ‘Cafe..if the guy wants too $$, leave it as a wanna-be bobber and cruise the boulevard

  2. rschilperoort on

    Awesome bike. I love it. Check out my blog –

  3. Ashley on

    What kind of tank did u use? I’m having trouble finding one for my 77 cb750

  4. Spoon on

    Stock tank, I built the bike, never wanted a cafe more of an old school street drag.

  5. Huk on

    What were you thinking! Building the bike the way you wanted it and not by what some loser has on his list of what a Cafe racer should look like. You should be ashamed at taking a pile of parts and making it into a well running bike that you enjoy! You need to go buy some magazines and rebuild that to their specs!

  6. caferacers on

    Ouch! I’m assuming that I’m the loser referred to in the previous post. In defense of my post (and all others on the blog), I am commenting on cafe racers, not bobbers. As a pundit, my words are opinion only and everyone who reads the blog hopefully gets it. I hope that no one truly takes offense from the blog.

    In this case, I was looking at a reasonably priced bobber conversion and thinking about how to reconvert it into a cafe racer since it already had some good engine mods done to it. As a bobber it is pretty cool…

  7. spoon on

    don’t mess with us natty light drinking gearheads, you F with us you F with the whole trailor park. Opinions, is that some kind of fancy dip!

    • caferacers on

      Opinions is a round gear used on shaft drive bikes such as a BMW or Honda cruiser. It goes round and round and makes the bike go forward. πŸ˜›

  8. streetasasn on

    Where did you get that seat from? i like it!

  9. kica on

    great looking bike! I am looking into getting a 72 750, what year is this one? If I end up getting the bike, it will be my first one ever. I am really debating the bobber look but I am not sure if I am up to the task of welding on the hard tail myself (I want to build/learn as much on my own as possible). After seeing this bike I have become extremely inspired to follow this, it looks like a bike out of ‘the curious case of benjamin button’. Is this just a stock rebuild? I am clueless where to start with the build once I do get a bike!! Big props!

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