1977 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer
He’s a demon on wheels
He’s a demon and he’s gonna be chasing after someone
He’s gaining on you so you better look alive
He’s busy revving up the powerful Mach Five
And when the odds are against him and there’s daaangerous work to do
You bet your life Speed Racer’s gonna see it through

Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer go

He’s off and flying as he guns the car around the track
He’s jamming down the pedal like he’s never coming back
Adventure’s waiting just aheeeeeeeeaaaaad

Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer Go!

On eBay right now, you could own the motorcycle version of the Mach 5 done up cafe racer style…


6 comments so far

  1. themotoworld on

    Nice work, but..Nah..I’ll pass. I don’t know why, but…

  2. b dono on

    nice, nice, they don’t get any batter than that – this will make someone a geat ride – i’d sure like to see an h1 done up like that ..

  3. Anonymous on

    I call her trixie. i was sad to sell her but i’m working on a new project, actually three new projects. stay tuned for and new 750 and a couple of 350 fours.

  4. Josh on

    SWEET!! I just bought a ’77 of my own.. Hope it’s half as cool when mine is done.. Where did you get the headlamp, gas tank, and rear section?


  5. Anonymous on

    tank – 1975 cb750K
    seat – i hand made from fiberglass
    headlight – 1976 cb360T

  6. Stephen on

    How did you fit that 75 tank to the 77 frame?

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