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1977 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

Here he comes, here comes Speed Racer
He’s a demon on wheels
He’s a demon and he’s gonna be chasing after someone
He’s gaining on you so you better look alive
He’s busy revving up the powerful Mach Five
And when the odds are against him and there’s daaangerous work to do
You bet your life Speed Racer’s gonna see it through

Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer go

He’s off and flying as he guns the car around the track
He’s jamming down the pedal like he’s never coming back
Adventure’s waiting just aheeeeeeeeaaaaad

Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer
Go Speed Racer Go!

On eBay right now, you could own the motorcycle version of the Mach 5 done up cafe racer style…


Honda CB750 Project

Look, I’m not saying that this is a perfect bike from a cafe perspective. Not hardly. All I am saying is that this might be a cost-effective starting point for a cafe project. Throw a seat on there. Maybe some clubmans (or clip-ons if you’re really trying to get on my good side). Mount a pair of rear-sets. Call it day. And you have yourself a pretty nice cafe racer. Some basic motor mods have already been done, so you shouldn’t be smoked by that stock-looking CB750 sitting next to you at the corner of 1st and Main.

Price is reasonable with only about 1.5 days left. This would make a nice cafe with only a little work…

(Oh yeah, I forgot in my original post. I really, really like the brass knuckle decals!!! 😉 (And it needs shocks. My bad.) )