1976 Honda CB400F Super Sport

Before getting into the details of this bike, I just want to say something for the record. I am in no way advocating the tear-down of this motorcycle into a cafe racer or other modified form be it race bike, bobber, chopper, etc., etc., etc…

What we have here is an unrestored, but amazingly clean and beautiful CB400F Super Sport from the year 1976. It only has 6K miles, and the seller is supposedly a factory trained Honda mechanic who has adjusted all necessary doohickies (that’s a technical term for those of you not mechanically inclined) so the bike can be ridden immediately upon purchase. There are a few more pictures on eBay, and the seller has done a good job of describing the tune-up he gave the bike. His feedback is good, with a decent amount of selling over the last year, so if you decide to get in on the bidding or pay the Buy-It-Now price ($6.5K), it should be a pretty safe transaction. Bidding is pretty heavy with 12 bidders taking the price up to $1,925 with 3 days left. Awesome bike for whomever wins the auction!!!

Oh yeah. If you win this bike and then tear it apart to make a cafe racer, you will hear the cries and screams of thousands of classic bike fans who wish you would have started with a beater, and not this nearly off the showroom floor example…


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  1. mike on

    Hi, im looking to build a Mike Hailwood type RC 181 classic road racer look a like…..im thinking of useing a CB 400F (I bought one for $1039.00 brand new in 76) do you know where i can buy the needed tank seat fairing megaphones…..any help would greatly be appreciated matey
    661-298-1555 CA.

  2. I Love Cafe Racers!!! on

    […] April 25, 2009 Filed under: Uncategorized | Mike posted a question about where to find parts to build up a replica CR181 such as the one shown just below that I found on The World Of Motorcycles website. Below that I […]

  3. Peter Harrington on

    Hi I have an awesome 72 CB450 and I love the cafe style of bike. What, if you dont mind me asking is entailed to cafe a bike out? I know theres a change in the seat involved, and anything behind the seat goes, I don’t think I need to relocate my battery because its already under the seat. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you,

    • caferacers on

      You’re 90% of the way there. If you keep the side covers, no need to relocate the battery. But if the covers go, the battery will be seen.


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