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1967 Suzuki 250 Hustler Project Bike (No papers and more!!!)

Up on eBay right now is this really eye-catching Suzuki 250 project bike. All was well until I read that it has no papers. And then I read that the motor has no numbers on it. And then I read that the frame is missing numbers, too! If you have a way around this little problem, this is a really nice looking bike that needs a lot of work to be completed.

If you are actually interested in this bike, a couple of highlights are the Triumph twin-leading shoe brake and the new expansion chambers included in the sale. If you couldn’t figure out from the title of this post or the first paragraph, I’m a bit hesitant because of the lack of title-ability of the motorcycle. But maybe the VIN is just hidden under paint and/or powdercoat? Iffy at best…


Beautiful Honda CB160 Cafe Racer

There is really very little to say about this bike. Look at the pictures and then drool. Beautiful. Needs rear-sets, but that’s about it. What a fun bike to rail through a tight canyon in the Santa Monica Mountains!

The seller claims that it is in great shape, and just needs a clutch cable adjustment. Lots of new parts. Blah blah blah. His eBay feedback is good, so it’s probably a pretty safe bet the bike is as described. More pics in the listing, six days left, one bidder, and the price is currently at $850. Good luck! And I may be bidding with you…