Harley Davidson XLCR (not stock – Yeah!)

Finally! My wish has come true. Someone selling a 1977 HD XLCR with which they valued having a ride-worthy bike more than a “collectible” museum piece. This seller claims to have a motor built out of aftermarket parts (no Harley shite as an original rebuild using those parts didn’t work out so well for the seller). Not only is the engine gone through, but it has Ohlins shocks, Progressive fork springs, and stainless steel brake lines.

Now for the bad news. The stock drag-bar was replaced with some funky chromed pseudo-superbike bars (they actually look a bit taller than that). That’s it. There doesn’t appear to be any other bad news. And the auction is currently only at $5,500 with two days left (reserve not yet met). So if you are willing to replace the bars with something more suitable, or if the higher bars are more to your liking, this might be a perfect XLCR for the discerning AMF collector or aficionado! Good luck with the auction!


2 comments so far

  1. eric on

    Gee whiz Batman it does’nt sound to me like the real deal.Mine is the real deal has original motor, shock everything. It has drilled disk, have the original. wanted them no wear. Damn I have the original shocks, and a real harely motor. Gues it not worth as much. Hate it when that happens

  2. eric on

    Gee whiz Batman doesnt that mean that it is not a 1977 XLCR? Yes Robin that just means that imation is the best form of flattery. Mine is stock and perfect low, low mileage. I bought mine because Harely’s go up in value.

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