1975 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

There are two things about this bike that I find interesting:

First, we once again have an example of the cafe racer without rear-sets. As I have not sprung for rear-sets on my Sportster yet, I can fully verify that being leaned forward with your feet relatively to the front is not a comfortable riding position. Why not go the full mile and put rear-sets on the bike?

Second, it’s been lowered. I don’t get this at all on a cafe racer. The bikes are nominally built to handle, so why make it so that parts will scrape going around corners? I say raise the bikes up! Longer shocks in the back, and stiffer springs in the front.

But that’s enough complaining. Both of these things are really easily fixable by the buyer of this bike. It is actually a super clean build (my own personal peeves not withstanding). And the bidding is currently right around $1K, but there are 6 days left, so I assume it will go much higher given the high quality of this motorcycle. All in all, a beautiful build that will make its new owner very happy!


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  1. jeff platt on

    I would be willing to pay for website info on where to find cafe racer parts for a1976 cb 750 k,please email me back,Ill make it worth your while

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