Seats for 1978 Triumph?

Update: The links in the photos aren’t working for me right now. I will try to get them fixed ASAP…
Rammona sent in the following question, and I have made an attempt to answer it. I didn’t find any specifically in Canada, but I found a few here in the states. If anyone has any other sources for good seats for her, please let us know…

“I am looking to buy a reasonably priced cafe seat for a 78 Triumph 550, do you have any idea in Canada where i can get one from that has the square back for the back light.
Thanks, Rammona”

A company called Hotwing Glass with a seat (non-square back) that you would have to do a different type of light mounting…

For non-oil-in-frame Triumphs...

For non-oil-in-frame Triumphs...

Air-Tech has generic seats that might fit the bill. Here’s a picture of one of them…

Generic cafe seat on eBay that has room for mounting a light on back…


Another cafe seat on eBay – Described as possibly a Rickman…



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