Pristine 1975 Yamaha XS650

As you may know, I often vacillate between wanting to keep older classic bikes in one piece, and saying to rip them to shreds in the quest to build great cafe racers. In this case, I am unsure which way to go…

What a clean restoration of an early XS650. And what a great platform for a cafe racer build! Go for it, I say! And build a beautiful bike! Think about the finished product. No rust. No dings. A fresh motor. Almost like building a cafe racer back in 1975. Sweet!!!


2 comments so far

  1. garrittpwl on

    NICE!!! have one almost exactly the same i have a vid of iit check it out man

  2. drago on

    if its in good tune.. why wouldn’t it start with one kick?
    my old kicker would only start in one kick if I had recently tuned it.. But I didn’t set out to make it run perfectly.. 2 kicks summer 3 winter (real frozen winter, not virginia winter) when out of tune. Otherwise one..

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