1970 Honda CL450 Cafe Racer

Up for auction on eBay right now is this period correct Honda CL450 that seriously brings the funk! I love bikes with the Tracy bodywork, and have featured them before, but this one is really beautiful, and is not your standard CB750. The smallish Honda twins are a lot of fun, and provide great bang for the buck. The biggest issue with this bike is that the tank will need to be patched (it’s fiberglass), but that shouldn’t be a deal breaker. And the seller has already ordered a replacement windscreen for the one destroyed by bird strike (must have been a very small bird!!!)…


4 comments so far

  1. Paul Nielsen on

    neat little bike but you forgot yo mention the coolest part of the bike…the JC Whitney mufflers!!!

    • caferacers on

      Arrgghhh!!! You and your anti-Whitney muffler obsession!!!

  2. […] } Back on March 24th, 2009, I posted what I believe to be this exact same bike (Click here…, and it had some issues that needed fixing. And now it appears they have been fixed. The current […]

  3. Brian on

    I just bought this bike from the owner here in Chapel Hill.
    It found a good home.

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