1974 Norton John Player Special

I will admit to you that I am no expert at knowing if this is a replica Norton JPS, but it is one cool looking motorcycle! If nothing else, the twin bug-eye headlights are easily the most disturbing front end in existence (pics of your vote for this honor appreciated). If this is real, it would seem to be a truly collectible piece of British race bike history. It will be interesting to see where the auction closes…


2 comments so far

  1. Paul Nielsen on

    It does look like the real deal. The original JPS was a regular Norton with a Fibreglass cover over the stock steel tank, then added a tail section and fairing. And regarding the bug eye headlights..hey My Super Three has the same bug eye look and I like it…you got a problem wit dat??

  2. Mac MacDonald on

    I’m building one of these myself but having a bit of a job finding the right size of headlights for the fairing. Can anyone help?

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