Kawasaki Mach III H1 Cafe Project

Up for auction on eBay right now is the project bike that has the potential to turn into a really beautiful cafe racer. The seller has an okay description and more great pictures available in the listing, but the highlights are as follows…

    Supposedly original Dunstall fairing, but has a few fixable cracks from a garage incident (see photo 4 below on the lower right side)
    Hardly complete. Needs controls, front brakes, carbs installed/rebuilt, exhaust, foot controls, etc, etc, etc.
    More work than it appears from first glance, but a great final outcome possible with enough elbow grease.

This seller also claims to have a garage full of bike (around 30) that he will be selling. I may try to contact him to find out what’s up with this collection being sent to the auction block. There might be some more potentially beautiful cafe racers coming up for sale!


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  1. themotoworld on

    This is a great but very expensive project. Here are my thoughts, lower the ‘buy it now’ to $1000 because you have a lot to buy. If you are creative you can adapt different parts( controls etc.) to this roller, a set of chambers is going to pricey, finding the throttle cable could prove to be a bit difficult and then to get it to handle almost as well as it looks is going to require a lot of frame bracing (I have been there, done that and bought the t-shirt for an H2). Looks like it has shouldered Akront rims..very cool and really needs the proper Dunstall front fender. The fork setup is unique, period correct has the calipers in front of the forks but it was common to reverse the legs so you could hang the calipers off the backside. Asking too much $$ for what you get

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