CB750 Gas Tank (SOHC, I think)

This interesting gas tank appeared on eBay, and it’s had a small mod done to it that really makes it stand out. While it is a stock tank (so it will mount easily and perfectly), the seller has put two fairly good looking knee indents into the tank. They appear to be symmetrical, and the tank doesn’t show any rust in the third photo. Ask questions of the seller if you have any…

I think this is for the SOHC models of the CB750 (1969-1978?), but I would advise checking this out before purchasing.


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  1. mike prescia on

    interested in the tank need for 78 cb750k

  2. David on


    Are you just showing off the tank or selling it? I am interested in purchasing if you want to part with it. Thanks

    • caferacers on

      Hi David,

      I don’t sell or make anything in the blog (except when I post photos of my own bike(s)), so I guess the answer is I’m just showing off that tank. I’d do a search on eBay for other CB750 tanks that might work for your project.


  3. Tom on

    This is actually what I want to do to the stock tank(it appears to be the same, based on the gas cap) on the 1975 CB750 I just bought. Any idea how he did it?

    Mine has some surface rust on the outside(the inside appears clean, thankfully), so I have to strip it down anyway, I figure now would be the time to modify it, I just don’t really know how.

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