1969 Honda CB450 Cafe Racer

Up on eBay right now is this super nice 1969 Honda CB450 Cafe Racer. The seller did such a good job of describing, that I just cut and paste all the factoids below. I really appreciate the fact that the seller was honest with the comfort factor (it isn’t) since so often eBay sellers neglect to inform…


The bike is a 1969 Honda CB450 with 3,160 miles on it. Bike has had many upgrades, while the perfect running engine has remained stock.
The front end is modified with Cb750 F forks and tubes with CB550 triple trees and new roller bearings.
The rear suspension is gas dampening adjustable with preload adjustment and raised 1.5″ to lower rake and trail. A custom fork brace was made (you can’t buy one of the shelf for this hybrid front end) and looks great while really making the front end for so much more confident. The bike handles great with this suspension and setup.
The headlight is a custom fiberglass bucket with built in tachometer (1974 CB550 tach used as its larger but still has same ratio). The bike has no speedometer in the pictures but uses a digital setup similar to a bicycle computer as to not be visually obtrusive.
The handle bar switches have been replaced with a smaller unit as there are no longer turn signals on the bike (legally not needed, and a commonly removed item when cleaning up the looks and making the bike lighter).
The tail light is a 1930’s replica English design.
Exhaust is custom made and is full 304 stainless steel. Complete system is less then half the weight of the original but is also much louder.
Tires are matched Avon Road Riders.
The seat was hand made from a sheet metal and also is much lighter then the stock seat. Padding is around 1″ and was modeled off of what these bikes used in their prime when modified to “cafe racer” duty.
Bike has electric and kick start. Paint is House of Kolor raspberry pearl (very close to original candy color but is urethane base, clear coat. Color is much more beautiful then pictures let on to.
*******the engine cases and cam covers have been polished since the pictures*******

*******the drive chain has also been replaced since the pictures*********
This bike would make a great addition to your collection and displays the style that was popular back in its day. Please email to setup time to view this beauty. Bike is very rideable but not necessarily comfortable. This should be noted so that the new owner is happy with their new addition. Riding the bike an hour at a time isn’t out of the question, but longer rides will make you ache, and want to get on your cruiser. Then after you see 5 cruisers just like yours or hit the curves, you’ll want back on this one!

The "before" shot... Nice work!

10 comments so far

  1. Paul Nielsen on

    Very nice indeed…I wish I still had my CB450. The bikes proboscous (headlight) is a great touch. One of the better bikes I have seen of late

  2. Lynn Johnston on

    I did’nt know a 450 Honda could look so good. I have two , a 69 and a 71 leaning on each other behind my shop. I guess I know what I have to do .

  3. caferacers on

    Thanks for the comment, Lynn. This bike is easily one of the best looking cafe racers I’ve seen…

  4. Oliver Mckeown on

    What should you expect to pay for one of these bikes in restoration form??

    A guy is open to offers but not sure what I could ask??


  5. glenn on

    nice, im so jealous. where did you get the muffler extention?

  6. Pete White on

    Is this bike still for sale? really interested!
    Owner please reply

  7. cafestyle on

    I actually have purchased this bike and have been laid off and have to sell it. You can get a hold of me at axlotxlikexvegas@gmail.com

  8. shawn on

    I have this bike I most sell it only has 3,634 miles on it I lost my job please call me at 352 812 2029 thank you!!!!

  9. mark on

    I paid 6200.00 for mine but it dont look nothing like this bike i wish i seen this 1969cb before i bought mine. someone put love and time!

  10. shawn on

    just so you all know cafestyle is also me

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