Nice, cleaner, Suzuki T500

To make up for the flamed-out T500 I posted the other day, here is a nice semi-clean example of the Titan that is currently up for auction on eBay. It’s a 1975 model, with approximately 8.5K miles on it. It isn’t in perfect shape, but as the basis for a cafe racer build up it would be great. I really want to try building up one of these, and I will after I figure out if I’ve got the chops to do a great job with the SL350 project…


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  1. Paul Nielsen on

    I too have wanted one of these for the longest time. Good platform for a cafe racer but this one would also be nice left as is, maybe just a set GP Touring style bars

  2. Ron /T500 on

    if you are looking to cafe one of these find one that some one else has choped up the ones in stock form are getting harder and harder to find /PS they font handle all that well they are funn to ride thow
    want to cafe somthing try a RD 250 350 400 they were made for that and will not let you down

  3. grant on

    I have a 1972 t500 titan and have converted it to a 1/4 mile drag bike. lots of work but it has paid off. I extended the rear by 6 inches. put a 54 tooth on the rear, drag bars, changer the front rake by 20 degrees. added a steering dampner and a air shifter. Im currently doin 11.95 in the 1/4

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