1974 Yamaha RD60

Is this the rarest bike I’ve ever posted? Possibly. I’d never heard of it before I found it on eBay last night.

If you are in the market for a small bore cafe racer project, this might be just the thing. 50cc’s putting out 4hp? I bet with some work it would put out 5hp. It appears to be in good shape, so much so that it would almost be a shame to change it from stock.

Nah. Go ahead…



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  1. John Conatser on

    I have a RD 60 the body is perfect i need a jug and a piston, where do you think i could find these parts?

  2. David G on

    I have one of these. It is blue. Top speed on flat road about 48 mph. 100 mpg. I have had it since 1974. Fun, durable two stroke.

  3. skootertrash74 on

    i ride an rd60 daily. for the guy wanting piston/cylinder, weisco sells oversize ysr 50 pistons. im running a weisco piston in bored stock cylinder with rejetted stock carb and homade expansion chamber and will do 55-60 indicated mph flatland.

  4. Danny holmes on

    Hey nice bike!!I have red 75 with only 445 miles on it..what’s the value of this mint,clean excellant runner?thanx.danny

  5. Mike on

    Wow. this is the exact bike I’m trying to bring up to “street legal” again. same paint scheme and everything. albeit yours is in MUCH better shape. Anybody know where i can find parts for it?

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