1973 Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

This is a neat bike as a starting point for a cafe racer project. It is probably, hmmm, 60% of the way there. Overall, it is clean and reasonably well built. What does it have? Seat, front rim, and black paint (props to The Motoworld Dot Com!!!). But anyways, it feels like it is neither here nor there. It is currently more of a street tracker than a cafe racer, but with the addition of a few more parts it would definitely be on the side of cafe-ness.

What should be added? Clip-ons, 18″ rear rim, and rear-sets. Done! Move along please. More pics in the eBay listing…



4 comments so far

  1. themotoworld on

    Along with your suggestions, a Dunstall front fender and Bikini fairing or maybe just a small flyscreen and get rid of the coil covers on the rear shocks

  2. Derek on

    Great looking bike! I am restoring a 75′ CB750 SS and desperatly need to know where I can purchase the seat and padding from. Any help would be appreciated.


  3. MrDavis3483 on

    Hey I really like the tires on this buile what size are they?

  4. MrDavis3483 on

    btw Derek theres a guy named Steve Carpenter who custom builds these style seats at a fair price. You can find him at http://www.cb750cafe.com. Good luck!

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