1979 Honda Goldwing Cafe Racer

There’s a first time for anything, and this is the inaugural posting of a Goldwing cafe racer on the “I Love Cafe Racers!!!” site. I found it on eBay, and it is currently listed at $900 with zero bids.

I am going to admit that I actually like this bike in an odd sort of way. It is maybe more of a street fighter than a true cafe racer, but it is still cool. The dual exhaust really shows off the sound of the boxer engine, and the video of the burnout shows why you shouldn’t do that on a shaft drive bike. I can’t imagine it handles particularly well, but that isn’t really the point.

It’s a Goldwing. And a cafe racer/street fighter. And the tank cover is done up in a snakeskin motif. Click through for more pics and the link to the video…


3 comments so far

  1. themotoworld on

    There is a certain twisted side of my brain that likes this bike as well. The front fairing has an ‘alien’ look to it that I’m not fond of so I would probably ditch it in favor of something more ..proper? Then again, maybe not. I wonder how that exhaust sounds? Looks interesting

  2. Dennis Gullion on

    This a krazy but cool expression.Where the heck and who did it!

  3. Dozer on

    Heck I have two Of them where can I get the parts at

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