1976 Yamaha RD400 Cafe Racer

And now back to actual cafe racers…

Up on eBay with about 2 days left is the 1976 Yamaha RD400 that has been nicely styled as a cafe racer with the addition of clubman bars, a fiberglass seat bonded to the original seat pan, and rear-sets from an R6. On the performance front, the seller claims the entire motor and transmission have been gone through, there’s been some mild porting, he has DG pipes on the bike, and it has a steering damper for landing the all to common wheelies I’m sure this bike is capable of hoisting. All in all a beautiful build-up of a cafe racer, although I’m sure I’ll get at least one comment about there being too much red on the bike… /:-\

Unlike the last listing, this seller has an extremely good feedback rating. I would say you could bid with confidence on this bike…


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  2. the motoworld on

    I love RD’s…rode a 250 with a lousy custom paint job for a while and then an RD350 stone stock. These bikes rate the highest ‘Giggle Factor’ in motorcycling. This is a very nice bike and you’re right… too much red. I could have done without the red headlight and sidestand. Paint ’em black and ‘class factor’ goes up.

    • caferacers on

      That was predictable… 😛

  3. asher on

    where do you find this exhaust, i’ve searched google for a month. if you could please tell me i’d really appreciate it.

  4. caferacers on

    I just found the pipes at Dennis Kirk.
    Click here for the page I was looking at…

    Hope that helps. There are probably more places that sell that exhaust, DK.com is just the first one I found. Good luck to you!

  5. keith on

    i’m looking for DG radial style heads (sunburst) for a daytona special/rd 400 any clues ? thanks , Keith

  6. darrell woolums on

    I have a set of gold radial heads for my 74 rd that I might be willing to part with separtely. I don’t know what they are worth at this moment.I can send pics. Make an offer.

  7. RD400Fiend on

    I might be interested in the dg heads if they are still available.

    • caferacers on

      I’m doubtful they’re still available. That posting is pretty old.

  8. Alan on

    I’m looking for a set of gold radial heads made by DG for a Rd that I’m restoring , do you know where I can get them ! Thank You

  9. C. Michael Howell on

    I liked your scoot. Good Job. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The red sets ot off…..as for the amount….it doesnt matter. Im in the process of chopping on a 1975 H-D/ AMF sprint 250 ss. I need to find an under belly 2 stroke exhaust pipe….any input will be appreciated.

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