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1972 Yamaha DS7 Cafe Racer

A few months ago, I posted a non-converted DS7. This is almost its perfect doppleganger, minus the clubman bars and the ratty seat foam. These bikes seem like a perfect alternative to the ubiquitous R5 or RD. They are beautiful motorcycles that look great with the simple addition of clip-ons or clubman bars. Period correct, and that great cafe styling. This one has supposedly had a stripped-to-the-frame restoration/rebuild, but no photos to back it up. Click through for more photos and description…


Honda CB750 Cafe Racer

It’s been a while since I posted anything with a candy-flake paint job, but here we go. One 1974 Honda CB750 done up as a thoroughly retro cafe racer. Easy Rider meets Quadrophenia.

While the bike is cleanly built, it is probably the paint that stands out as the nicest single thing about the bike. Love it or hate it, it is well done. It is obvious that the builder put time and effort into getting this bike done, but there aren’t really any high-zoot parts bolted on other than the nice gas tank. Overall, a good effort…