Honda CB550 Chop/Drag Bike

Here’s a bike of a different color (so to speak). It’s a CB550 that’s been chopped into… something different. It’s not a cafe racer, but it is an interesting build that is actually pretty well done. The lettering on the side panels reads “Pro Street”, and this is a pretty cool drag-style bike. There was some online chatter dumping all over this bike, but if you are not planning on hauling ass through the twisties, I don’t see a problem with the bike. Yes, it has no front brake. But neither do most purpose-built drag bikes, which this is imitating. Really, who needs a front brake at the end of the 1/4 mile?

It’s from the pages of, so visit if you want to read more from their forum pages.


2 comments so far

  1. jamie on

    do you know what kind of saddle that is?

  2. Joseph on

    Where did you buy that seat or what kind of seat is it.

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