1971 Triumph Trophy TR6C “Cafe Racer”

I found this bike on eBay. About 2 days left in the auction. It looks like a really cleanly built TR6 cafe racer built by a shop in Massachusetts. The motor and tranny have been rebuilt, and the electrics have been swapped out for an electronic ignition. Overall, it looks like the mechanicals have been properly redone.

I’m not a huge fan of the drag bars, but they are a step in the right direction. However, the home-shaped seat really doesn’t look quite right. Is it a cafe racer? I suppose, but the cosmetics don’t really take it all the way. Considering the good condition of the bike overall with the recent professional rebuild, a few bucks for a few cafe racer parts (seat, clip-ons, rear sets) would make this a pretty stunning bike for a fast Sunday morning ride to your favorite local meeting spot.


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  3. the motoworld on

    Nice looking. Good paint, nice polish job on the metal. But…you’re right, the seat doesn’t work with the bike and I don’t like drag bars either and then…those JC Whitney mufflers??? Come on.

  4. caferacers on

    Stop complaining about the mufflers, MW. At least they’re shiny!!!

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