How Much Was It Worth? (1978 HD XLCR)

On January 6th I posted the Harley-Davidson XLCR shown below. I believe I guesstimated a reserve between $8.5K and $9.5K. I was wrong. The auction ended at $10K on the nose and it hadn’t hit reserve. I think the days of getting a relatively clean XLCR for less than $10K are over. These awesome AMF Harleys (just over 3,100 produced) are getting the props they deserve…



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  1. 'ol panhead on

    remember, AMF Harley’s are not held in much esteem. They really were mechanically pieces of CRAP. The XLCR is very unique and only a few of us sicko’s want one. Those that own them want a lot of $$$ and out of the 3100 that were produced only 1500 people want them..if owners would bring the price into reality, they would sell. This is the second one you posted that didn’t meet reserve, yes?

    • caferacers on

      Yes, second one. The first one had a reserve north of $16K according to the owner…

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