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Honda CL450 Seat and Tank

Since cafe racer seats are by far the most popular thing I post about on this blog, the link the photos send you to is for the seat pictured below. The tank is for sale in a different listing by the same seller.

I really appreciate the fact that the seller has posted the seat and tank together in this listing as it absolutely shows what the two will look like together. The tank is a nice modification of a stock tank, which aids in the mounting if it is going directly on to a CL450, but might make other bikes a bit tougher. I’m doing some research on tank compatibility, but nothing so far.


1976 Honda CB750 Project Bike

Here we are looking at a decent candidate for a cafe racer build-up. Low starting price, mostly all there, and supposedly runs. You were going to replace the wheels, seat, and exhaust with totally new kit, right? So what’s the problem?

Seller/owner claims this bike will run with the included carbs and a pipe installed, but I might get a new battery while you are waiting on delivery of this bike.