My new project (maybe)…

I’ve been thinking about a new bike when I start working again. Something good for a shorter commute than I used to have. Something like the new-to-America Suzuki TU250. Something that could be easily be the basis of a cafe racer project. Hear me out.

Below is a picture of the TU250 in stock form. And below that is the picture of a nicely modified Tu250. See the difference? I think it be great to have a nice, classic-looking bike that has a warranty and gets something north of 60mpg. And the project wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. The bike has an MSRP of only $3.5K.



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  1. ol'panhead on

    Made by Hyosung? Looks like it. And Suzuki has been using Hyosung for the SV650. Nice cafe treatment.

    • caferacers on

      Actually, the TU250 has been around for many years in other markets as the ST250. No idea if Suzuki’s relationship with Hyosung predates the creation and manufacture of the ST250.

    • big Al on

      just a quick mention; there is no proof anywhere that suzuki have been using hyosung for the SV650 (the actual rumour was the GV650 has the SV650 engine in it) but the only things they share is capacity and style. after riding both i can tell you they handle completely differently, too.

      do the cafe conversion, it’d be a piece of piss. the bike has 18″ wheels all around (unlike the GN250 which has 16″r and 19″f) and they’ve got nice perky motors, plus they’re fuel injected now so fitting a loud pipe wouldn’t even require re-jetting! win!!

  2. gsx250 on

    yes.. st250 with frame and body has like cafe racer.

  3. loosenoose on

    do it!
    more people need to get this sweet bike. i would love to get one, but i think i might be stuck with my sv650. if i had one, the thing would be so cafe’d out.
    i showed my wife the TU today and she thinks it looks too chrome-y like a HD. hmmph. we know better though.

  4. Screamin'Billy on

    Howdy! I’m a portuguese Cafe Racer lover too. I’ve got a Suzuki TU 250X, 2000′ n’ it’s getting more n’ more Cafe Racer”izide”. It’ a carburetor version n’ it makes 100miles with less than a galon. Enjoy your Cafe Racer!!!

    • caferacers on

      I wish the TU250 was available here in California, because it would be my next project if it were…

  5. Screamin'Billy on


  6. Screamin'Billy on

  7. Screamin'Billy on

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