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Honda CB650 Cafe Racer Project

For your wintertime enjoyment, here’s a project to keep you occupied for the next several months as you wait for the snowy/rainy season to end. It’s missing a few parts for completion, but is mostly there. And the important cafe bits are there (tank, clip-ons, pseudo-cafe-racer seat), so it’s more about picking out rear-sets and finding a battery for the bike. Plus it needs some major clean-up. It would be interesting to see how this bike could turn out…


1960 BSA Racebike (AHRMA Racer?)

Here’s an interesting vintage race bike that appears to be basically untouched in the last umpteen years. The handlebars appear to be adjusted wrong, so try to ignore that while you look this over. My thoughts are that this would be a good candidate for an AHRMA racer. Put some clip-ons on it, some new tires, get it tuned up, and off you go…


What’s up with this bike?

This bike has been relisted multiple times. Buyers not paying? Or just window dressing for their other inventory?

I’m not going to rant on about this bike any more. I did that already. Now it just needs to sell so I can find out how much was it worth…