Honda CB750 SOHC Replica Giuliari Seat

I have to admit (before you read any further) that I am putting this seat in the blog as much because of the bike in the example pics provided by the seller than as for the seat itself. That is a really beautiful bike! That’s it. I’m not saying anything more about the bike.

If you are into fully covered seats, though, this is a really nice Giuliari-styled replica. I personally like a cafe seat with the rear section uncovered, but that is just me. This looks like a nicely done piece of work, and they have various brackets and what-not available as well.


5 comments so far

  1. 'ol panhead on

    It would look great on your SL350 project

    • caferacers on

      Except it is custom made for the CB750. I think I am better off with a generic seat, since nobody seems to make a SL350-specific seat…

  2. bruno on

    hello where can i buy those replica guiliari seats for a honda 550 four thanks bruno

    • J.B on

      If you havent found this seat you can buy this seat at info@ClassicCycleCity, these are reproductions of the ITALIAN SEAT OF THE 70,S MADE BY GIULIARI,i,ve spoken with the man thats making these , they are very high quality seats.I need one for a 350four but he doesn,t have that available only cb550 / cb750 and a few others.Ive spent hours trying to find one for my bike if you haven,t I hope this helped. J.B

  3. Anonymous on


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