1975 Ducati 860 GT

So my friend Paul (www.themotoworld.com) is now debating the whole bevel head thing. In my research on the bike, I read that it wasn’t, but he says that it is. He owned a Dharma, and claims his bike was an off-shoot of this bike. And with a little more photographic research, I believe him and this garagecompany.com photo. Compare the two, please…

Original pic from my posting...

Original pic from my posting...

Photo of a Dharma from GarageCompany.com

Photo of a Dharma from GarageCompany.com

The motors are the same. I stand corrected!!! Sorry ’bout that…

UPDATE: 37 minutes left, and the auction still hasn’t met reserve at $2,550. I think this bike might be a little over priced. This will at least be it’s second auction unless someone does some mad bidding in the last 30 minutes. I think a no-reserve auction would be best for this duck…

Up for auction on eBay (and actually a relist) is this 1975 Ducati 860 GT. From my research, it seems that it is one of the lesser loved Ducati among the bevelheads. This is most likely because it isn’t a bevel head. But be that as it may, this is an opportunity to own / build a great Italian cafe racer. Unlike some of the other European marques, there are plenty of Ducati mechanics around who can wrench on this bike and find parts for it.

The owner is being honest with a nice picture of the scratch on the tank, but overall it looks like a nice bike. It hasn’t hit reserve yet ($2,191 being bid at time of posting), but it has a buy it now price of $3,500. So figure the reserve is somewhere between $3K and $3.49K.

Anyhow, if you are looking for an Italian or European cafe racer, this might be a good basis for your project…



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