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A Cafe Racer Project For REALLY Cheap…

I know that this isn’t quite what you were expecting, but for those of us with small budgets, this is just about right…

I did a lot of research on the web to try and find a real picture of a Yamaha GR50, but only found one pseudo-picture, and it was a pretty crap YouTube video. It also didn’t quite match this bike. Every other picture is from one of about three different 1/12th models that you can buy of this bike. It appears to be a smallish bike that isn’t quite mini sized / monkey bike, but isn’t full-sized either. This would appear to be one of the few motorcycles in existence that doesn’t have a million pictures of it floating around on the web. So if a full-sized cafe creation is outside of your budget like it is for me, then you can try your hand at creating a 1/12th version of a 2/3rds sized semi-cafe-racer. 🙂


BMW R-Series Cafe Racer Seat

For your perusal, a fiberglass cafe racer seat for BMW R-Series models. The bikes pictured below are pretty sweet, an that is a good looking cafe seat on them. These bikes are generally as reliable as can be, and they build up into really nice cafe racers. The bikes can be bought for a reasonable sum, and there are lots of them still around.

The listing claims fitment for 1973-1984 R90/6 and R100/7 models, plus fitment to some other beemers, Hondas, and Yamahas that may require some fiberglass trimming. The price ($155 + $20 shipping) seems mostly reasonable compared to the other offerings out there, and the feedback for these seats has been good. If you have one of these seats on your bike, send me a pic and a description and I’ll post it!