How Much Was It Worth? (A New Feature For The Blog)

I’ve decided to do something new. I liked tracking down the value of the Suzuki I posted yesterday, and I figured it would be cool to occasionally revisit bikes I had posted that were for sale on eBay to see how much they had ended up selling for. I did this for the Honda CB I posted earlier this week, but am now going back to a bike I have blogged about twice in the past.

The following Honda CB750 was originally posted about because it was used as a prop to sell the cafe racer seat that the owner of KG Cycles was making. Then, he put the bike up for sale in November on eBay and I blogged about it. Now we get to see how much it sold for.

(Drum roll, please!)


The amazing thing about this is that it was only a little more than a grand over the price of the Honda CB posted earlier this week. This Honda CB750 seems like it should have gone for a bit more than mid-$4K. I am guessing the buyer is very happy with their purchase!



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  1. 'ol panhead on

    It would have easily gone for more if the girl came with it!1 you were probably waiting fro me to make a smart ass comment..I couldn’t resist.

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