1956 BSA Goldstar Clubmans

Wow! This is an awesome motorcycle! Although it may or may not be 100% original (carb swap possibly, but wikipedia says Amal carbs came on the 1956), this is one sweet ride. It was apparently originally sold in the US, and then shipped to NZ in the 1980s, so bringing it back home would probably be pretty straight-forward.

I’m not going to bother doing any further write-up, as the seller did a great job. Check out the listing for more pics and info…



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  1. 'ol panhead on

    A truly stunning motorcycle. The epitome of a great cafe racer. Price a little high for some right in line for those with ‘cubic dollars’ in their wallet. That would not be me. But I will put this bike on my perpetual Christmas list.
    Now here is a touch of reality…kick starting a BSA Gold Star can result a trip to the emergency room with a broken ankle…don’t ask me how I know..you have probably already guessed. Nice bike..drop the price about 2K and we’re in the real world..

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