That’s a really nice bike, but how much?!?!?

UPDATE: I did a little research, and visited the seller’s website: The price is just over $3K. Whew!

There are actually a lot of really cool bikes for sale. Check it out…

This is one of the nicest cafe racers up on eBay right now, but WTF is up with the price? I get trying to use eBay as a lead generation tool. I don’t get putting a $100K price tag on a 1972 Suzuki done up as a cafe racer.

Am I missing something? Can someone please explain? Or at least let me know what the bike is really worth?


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  1. 'ol panhead on

    nice little bike. I would guess that a fair price would be in the $2K zone. You saw a pretty stock CB550 go for over $3K..and who says there is a recession??

  2. cedley on

    Its not even one model year, the front end is far later than the rest of the bike, its a mutt.
    You can polish a turd but its still a turd.

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