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Honda CL450 Seat and Tank

Since cafe racer seats are by far the most popular thing I post about on this blog, the link the photos send you to is for the seat pictured below. The tank is for sale in a different listing by the same seller.

I really appreciate the fact that the seller has posted the seat and tank together in this listing as it absolutely shows what the two will look like together. The tank is a nice modification of a stock tank, which aids in the mounting if it is going directly on to a CL450, but might make other bikes a bit tougher. I’m doing some research on tank compatibility, but nothing so far.


1976 Honda CB750 Project Bike

Here we are looking at a decent candidate for a cafe racer build-up. Low starting price, mostly all there, and supposedly runs. You were going to replace the wheels, seat, and exhaust with totally new kit, right? So what’s the problem?

Seller/owner claims this bike will run with the included carbs and a pipe installed, but I might get a new battery while you are waiting on delivery of this bike.


My new project (maybe)…

I’ve been thinking about a new bike when I start working again. Something good for a shorter commute than I used to have. Something like the new-to-America Suzuki TU250. Something that could be easily be the basis of a cafe racer project. Hear me out.

Below is a picture of the TU250 in stock form. And below that is the picture of a nicely modified Tu250. See the difference? I think it be great to have a nice, classic-looking bike that has a warranty and gets something north of 60mpg. And the project wouldn’t cost an arm and a leg. The bike has an MSRP of only $3.5K.


Honda CB650 Cafe Racer Project

For your wintertime enjoyment, here’s a project to keep you occupied for the next several months as you wait for the snowy/rainy season to end. It’s missing a few parts for completion, but is mostly there. And the important cafe bits are there (tank, clip-ons, pseudo-cafe-racer seat), so it’s more about picking out rear-sets and finding a battery for the bike. Plus it needs some major clean-up. It would be interesting to see how this bike could turn out…


1960 BSA Racebike (AHRMA Racer?)

Here’s an interesting vintage race bike that appears to be basically untouched in the last umpteen years. The handlebars appear to be adjusted wrong, so try to ignore that while you look this over. My thoughts are that this would be a good candidate for an AHRMA racer. Put some clip-ons on it, some new tires, get it tuned up, and off you go…


What’s up with this bike?

This bike has been relisted multiple times. Buyers not paying? Or just window dressing for their other inventory?

I’m not going to rant on about this bike any more. I did that already. Now it just needs to sell so I can find out how much was it worth…


How Much Was It Worth? (1978 H-D XLCR)

I have to admit surprise at this one. It didn’t meet reserve at $10,656. So what’s it worth? Apparently something north of $10,656 to the seller.

I received a comment on the original posting from Ian in Australia, and he asked what to do if he still wanted the bike given that he didn’t find it on eBay until after the auction closed. Visit the seller’s profile on eBay and click on the contact member button. Or maybe he reads this blog and wants to chime in…


Honda CB750 SOHC Replica Giuliari Seat

I have to admit (before you read any further) that I am putting this seat in the blog as much because of the bike in the example pics provided by the seller than as for the seat itself. That is a really beautiful bike! That’s it. I’m not saying anything more about the bike.

If you are into fully covered seats, though, this is a really nice Giuliari-styled replica. I personally like a cafe seat with the rear section uncovered, but that is just me. This looks like a nicely done piece of work, and they have various brackets and what-not available as well.


1975 Ducati 860 GT

So my friend Paul ( is now debating the whole bevel head thing. In my research on the bike, I read that it wasn’t, but he says that it is. He owned a Dharma, and claims his bike was an off-shoot of this bike. And with a little more photographic research, I believe him and this photo. Compare the two, please…

Original pic from my posting...

Original pic from my posting...

Photo of a Dharma from

Photo of a Dharma from

The motors are the same. I stand corrected!!! Sorry ’bout that…

UPDATE: 37 minutes left, and the auction still hasn’t met reserve at $2,550. I think this bike might be a little over priced. This will at least be it’s second auction unless someone does some mad bidding in the last 30 minutes. I think a no-reserve auction would be best for this duck…

Up for auction on eBay (and actually a relist) is this 1975 Ducati 860 GT. From my research, it seems that it is one of the lesser loved Ducati among the bevelheads. This is most likely because it isn’t a bevel head. But be that as it may, this is an opportunity to own / build a great Italian cafe racer. Unlike some of the other European marques, there are plenty of Ducati mechanics around who can wrench on this bike and find parts for it.

The owner is being honest with a nice picture of the scratch on the tank, but overall it looks like a nice bike. It hasn’t hit reserve yet ($2,191 being bid at time of posting), but it has a buy it now price of $3,500. So figure the reserve is somewhere between $3K and $3.49K.

Anyhow, if you are looking for an Italian or European cafe racer, this might be a good basis for your project…


Happy Holidays!!!

To keep you in the holiday spirit whilst I wrap presents for the kiddies…