1976 Honda CB360

Maybe it’s that it is Sunday morning, but this is my second posting of a good project bike. In fact, this may even be better than the Triumph since it has a much friendlier price and already has clubman bars on it (motor issue notwithstanding). Since I am starting on a Honda SL350 cafe project, I like the sound of someone else taking this on and seeing where it ends up.

That engine problem sounds to me like either an electrical thing with intermittent spark or a flooded cylinder. Or too much oil in the cylinder. But what the hell do I know?!?

The best thing about these early- to mid-1970s Honda twins is the availability of parts for fixing or customizing into cafe racers. Like that disk front end might very well bolt on to an SL350. Hmmmm. I might have to look into that….


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  1. Paul Davis on

    Cool little bike, looks like the guy started a Cafe’ project and gave up. I think the Disc front end will fit just fine. The 360? motor was a bit weak.
    Buy the bike just for the front end and the spare parts…I wonder if that motor will bolt into the SL frame???

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