1955 BSA A10 – 650cc of cool…

Paul has rescinded his thought about this bike not being a BSA. Apparently he looked at some of the details and decided that BSAs just look like Nortons, but are not actually Nortons! 😛
I got an email from my friend Paul over at TheMotoWorld.com telling me that this wasn’t a BSA. Hmmmm. Anyone else have an opinion on that?
Wow. This is a cool bike. The real deal it would seem. The only thing that is a bit out of place is the Yamaha 4 leading shoe brake, but I bet it stops that thing quickly.

Take a look at the description from the seller. He goes into some of the trick bits on the bike and in the motor. I think this BSA will make someone a wonderful half-century-old Sunday morning ride…


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  1. Phil650triumph on

    What you have is a BSA A10 or A7. A10 being the 650 A7 the 500 variant.The seat is off an BSA A65, a latter unit construction engine.Not sure what the front end is off, but it looks like a Yamaha front stopper to me.

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