I’m back!!!

After a 3 month hiatus, I am back.

Today I went for my first ride in a while on my cafe’d Sporty, and I had a blast. And my elbows hurt. I guess that’s what I get for not staying in shape and riding the beast every day. I went to go see my therapist after a two month hiatus from talking to her (sense a theme here, my friends?), and I rode home on my favorite 1.5-lane, no-center-line winding road. Awesome fun!!!

I’ve spent the last three months taking care of my kids every day, learning how to ride in the dirt on my KTM 640, and generally whiling away the days whilst I look for a new job. Today I was turned down for one for which I thought I was a shoe-in. Lots of resumes going out, but not so many responses coming in.

So now I will be once again searching the web for cool cafe racers, writing about the foibles of my life, and chronicling the SL350 cafe racer build-up that I am starting in semi-competition with my friend Paul who runs TheMotoWorld.com. I’ll post an entry about that later.

And if I get a job, I promise to continue this blog. In fact, I am looking into setting up a website to host the blog so I can have more related cafe racer content available to everyone.

See you on the road…


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