I went racing tonight!!!

Update: My shoulder, the one whose collar bone I broke at a Sears Point AHRMA race about 11 years back, is so sore today. The bump where the bone knit was apparently right under the shoulder strap of the 4-point harness. I had that thing cinched down so tight, and the beating from the curbs and flinging the car side to side seem to have bruised me a bit there.

Ahhh. I want to go back and do it again!
Yes, I did. But it was at Malibu Grand Prix.

I know, I know. You are all chuckling about it. But I haven’t been to the track in a couple of years, so this was fun. I was turning close to the fast time of the day, and was able to slide the car around a lot. Then the dude in charge gave me attitude about running over the curbs…

Let me say that sliding a car with the steering wheel turned to opposite lock is really fun! And a lot safer than doing it on a bike. Who knows, I may try to pick up a Formula Ford or Formula Vee one of these days.

Malibu Grand Prix 8_5_08

2 comments so far

  1. jenna on

    I still had the highest score between us though! 😉

  2. Lorenzo on

    It may just be an optical illusion but your head seems abnornally large for that tiny cockpit. Have you redistributed your body mass to above your neck?

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