Cafe Racer Seat for SOHC CB750 / CB550

Update: Sorry to those of you who might have been offended by the picture that included the image of the scantily clad Rats Hole model in the photo below. It was the best side shot of the seat/bike. My GF commented, and I had thought about whether or not to post the image, but it was the best shot of the bike…

Here’s a seat that looks fairly well made and reasonably priced (given the free shipping included). The examples of the seat on finished bikes looks pretty nice.

I have to admit that posts about seats are one of the most hit pages on the blog. That and tanks. It appears that these two items (seats and tanks) are the key to cafe racers. Maybe I will try a post on clip-ons and see what happens…

Seat Rear View
Raw Seat
Seat on Complete Bike


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  1. […] As you reminded me before, posting pictures of scantily clad women sometimes gets people all sorts of riled up. Therefore, I did not post the image I used before when this bike was used to sell the cafe racer seat pictured on this bike. The post, dated 8/5/08, can be seen here if you wish to behave in a depraved manner and ogle the bik… […]

  2. Motorod on

    Holy marimba! People actually get bent over seeing semi-nude female models in moto pics? What in the world is this country coming to? You’re free to publish, I’m free to look, and others are free to look away.
    Screw ’em.

    • caferacers on

      I believe bikinis may even be considered more modest than “semi-nude”. But thank you!

  3. ex-Rhodie on

    Where did you purchase the seat and tank??

  4. BrashRooster on

    WOW Nice build! I have three bikes right now 2006 Honda CMX 250 Rebel, 1982 Yamaha XJ650J Maxim and a 1974 CB550. Would love to do something like this to the CB550 just not to the same extent. I am on SSI so I am lucky I have any bike at all. I love what you have done. I got two exwives on was a stripper (not when I was married to her, she started that after her 2nd exhubby before her third exhubby) so the bike babe is G rated for sure. Hooters or Show Me’s is about the same and they are “family” joints.

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