An update on me…

It’s my last week at work, and I am feeling pretty good. I admit that I pretty much took the weekend off from posting, but I need some R&R time to get my head on straight as I begin looking for a new job. I took my Sportster apart this weekend and didn’t find anything wrong, so I guess I’ll just live with the noise. It was good to go riding this weekend and not worry about the bike.

This week, I am going to install a new battery in my KTM, change the oil, put on the knobbies, and go riding! Now I just need a hitch and a trailer so my GF and I can go off-roading together…


3 comments so far

  1. Lorenzo on

    I personally think it’s demeaning to hitch a trailer to your GF just so you can go off-roading together.

  2. Lorenzo on

    I just re-read your post and I think I understand your meaning of using a hitch and trailer. This still doesn’t change my opinion that I think you’re a sexist pig. ; )

  3. Griffin on

    This is a request for you to please post more pictures of scantily clad models next to custom bikes, bike trailers or farm equipment.

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