Another Harley Cafe Racer… This one ridden by Evel Knievel?!?!?

Two Harleys in one day? What is the world coming to…

This one is a bit more customized than the one I posted earlier today. Lots of engine work. Paint. Suspension. So on and so forth. Cool XR piece of kit…

What makes this bike interesting is the Evel Knievel link. From the listing, it is unclear if he rode this during a show. If this has been jumped by the great Evel Knievel, then it is a pretty cool piece of history. I wish there was a photo of the signed helmet and article, too. But regardless, this is a very nice bike – cafe American style.



3 comments so far

  1. Chris on

    I may be wrong, but didnt Evil Knievel use A xr750 twin carb bike for his jumps?

  2. caferacers on

    No idea. I think the posting says that it was a borrowed bike from some local dealership when his usual bike broke down. Maybe he just borrowed it to go riding around. Who knows…

  3. jiimiona on

    nice, definitely

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