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Suzuki Bandit 1200 Street Fighter

Okay, okay. I get it. It’s not a cafe racer. Well, guess what? I don’t care.

This bike has some seriously cool kit on it, and I like it for that. Overall, all of these different parts don’t appear kludgey at all.

  • So now the purists out there who hate crazy paint schemes are going bonkers about how ugly the paint is. Sorry. Not everyone has the same taste as you. The paint actually isn’t quite my cup of tea, but the rest of the bike is cool, so I’m not worried about it. Plus, a flat black rattle-can paint job could destroy that $2,500 paint job in about an hour!!! 😉

    Suzuki Bandit 1200 Street Fighter

    Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him…

    It is in an anonymous conference room I sit as I write this. I am waiting for a team meeting to start. It will be my last team meeting.

    It is official. I am moving on. No more thinking about Buyers and Sellers. No more Motors. No more sampling.

    Gotta go. The gang’s all here, and now the fun begins…

    Alloy Cafe Racer Tank

    A while back, I posted an SR500 that was located in Bangkok. Here’s a tank from the same seller. I am guessing that he gets his parts as factory seconds from Japan given that the last few tanks (and this one) have a repair made to them. However, the repair in this case is on the underside of the tank.

    I tend to post a lot of tanks, as I think cafe racers are defined in part by the shape of the tank. I have to admit that my Sportster doesn’t have tank shape going for it. The peanut tank just looks plain out of place. When I get some money, perhaps I will order one of these…

    Alloy Cafe Racer Tank