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Honda CB360 Cafe Racer

For your perusal, here is an utter Frankenbike. The subframe is basically non-existant, it has no gauges, and it has an open exhaust. Now, I am not against the occasional Frankenbike. Nor am I against bikes without instruments (I’ve owned them and may currently ride one 😕 ). However, I wish there was some audio of this bike running via YouTube or something. I could post something like that (hint, hint)…

Overall, I like the look of the bike. It is certainly minimalist in the right way, I just want to know more about the details of the build.

Honda CB360 Cafe Racer

Bad Ass XS650!!!

I really, really like this bike. This is pretty hard-core! No padding on the seat! Ouch! But overall, great cosmetically. The combination of parts and paint make a really beautiful bike. I can believe that it is a bike night winner.

But somewhere, inside of every post, I always have at least one complaint. In this case, it is my usual “needs clip-ons” complaint. But that’s an easy fix. This is probably way more comfortable to ride, but that’s my preference…

Once again… Bad Ass XS650!!!

Yamaha XS650

A Reminder For Me…

Today on my commute in to work, as I tried to avoid the multitude of CHiPs on the 680 southbound through the South Bay lasering passing motorists, I passed a big old crew-cab Ford F250. Now I’ve been having my fair share of personal issues as of late, and railing against a fuel-guzzling behemoth such as this truck would have allowed for a fair amount of venting (which, given my current state of affairs would probably be a good thing given the anonymous nature of the target).

However, as I drove past the truck, I noticed two girls with their arms out the rear sliding window. They were holding a notepad upon which they had written “Have a great day!”

This gave me pause (and I smiled). It’s been too easy for me to fall into a place where I need to rail against all the sh!t going on in my life. And here were a couple of kids doing something nice…

Of course, I still wish they’d been driving something a bit more fuel efficient, but I totally appreciate the effort to spread some cheer.