The Price Of Progress

This morning, I commuted in on my usual route for the first time in several days. And a surprise greeted me…

Highway 84 between Livermore and Sunol has officially changed. The old winding road has now been shut and the straight road has been opened. Another blow for people who like riding around corners at speed.

Not that 84 was fast during morning or evening rush hour. In fact, it was often a parking lot.

But on the occasions when I rode that short section of Highway 84 with little or no traffic it was fun. Lots of elevation change. A nice set of corners. Sometimes a bit of dirt and water on the road.

The price of progress. A straighter, easier to drive road that will be expanded to 4 lanes by 2011. Less traffic jams, less accidents, less fun.

Hwy 84 in Livermore


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