Another Project Bike…

Did you ever see Kill Bill Volume 1? I did. It has this character in it (quite despicable) who drives a truck that has an interesting pair of words painted on it. P&%SY WAGON. This bike reminds me of that. Not that the owner of this bike in any way represents the character from the movie. Really. I don’t like libel. I’m sure the owner of this bike is quite a nice person.

However, I really like the paint job. “Crotch Rocket”. Name it what it is. That’s what I always say. Who needs a ZX10R when you can ride one of these.

Yes, it needs some parts.

Yes, the owner is being honest about the project nature of the bike.

Yes, the paint is supposedly not that good.

But who cares?!?!? This bike is wicked fast and has big ’70s style lettering that references your crotch. How cool is that?!?!?

I’m definitely in kind of a weird place. Maybe tomorrow the blog will go back to normal…

Kawasaki H2 Crotch Rocket 750


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