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Yamaha XS750 Cafe Racer / Street Tracker

Here we have a bike that combines aspects of the street tracker and cafe racer styles of bikes. The triple motor is really cool, and the overall build is super clean.

Now that I’m thinking about it, I would probably call this more of a street tracker. I like the fact it has a uniqueness that won’t be seen very often when parked at breakfast during a Sunday morning ride.

Yamaha XS750

Acknowledging my faults…

I have noticed something in the blog posts below. I use the word “so” to start many, many paragraphs. This is bad, and annoying for anyone reading this blog.

In light of this discovery, I am hereby making a pledge to discontinue the use of the word “so” at the beginning of my paragraphs. I will also try to limit its use to a reasonable level within paragraphs. However, I do not pledge to change my use of the words “sew” or “sow” provided they are used properly.

Thanks for your time in reading this important message…