Back On The Bike

So as I wrapped up my move from my old house to my new house, I needed to get my Sportster moved, too. Now I’ve been putting off an oil change for a bit because I’ve been so busy with moving, work, divorce, etc., that I hadn’t gotten around to it. There’s some funky noises coming from the lifters, but I’m hoping the oil change will help that out. So I haven’t ridden in several weeks…

But I said WTF. Instead of loading the bike in the truck, I hopped on it and rode over to the new place. It wasn’t quite like the feeling of riding a bike for the first time, but it was close. It was faceshield open to the warm night air. It was loud pipes roaring as I ran the bike up through the gears. It was the smell of burning oil and backfiring carburetor. It was a feeling of freedom as I leaned it over through the corners, accelerating from the apex straight out of this life and on to the next thing for me.

I guess I should do that oil change so that I can go back to riding every day…


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